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The subsequent occupation of Korea by the Japanese military regime took place from 1909 to 1945. During this period practicing and teaching of Martial Arts was restricted After World War 2, 1945 this restriction was lifted. Several Martial Arts training schools were erected at that time as follows:

  • Moo Duk Kwan - Hwang Kee
  • Chi Do Kwan - Kwai Byung Yun
  • Chung Do Kwan - Duk Sung Son
  • Song Moo Kwan - Byung Jik No
  • Change Moo Kwan - Nam Suk Lee
  • Yun Moo Kwan - Sang Sup Chun

The man who developed Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan Grandmaster Hwang Kee is a Martial Arts prodigy, having mastered Soo Bahk at the age of 22. At that time having traveled to Northern China. There he encountered a Chinese variation of Martial Artistry called the Tang method and developed what was to be known as Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan. It is a classical Martial Art and its purpose is to develop every aspect of the self in order to create a mature personality who totally integrates his intellect, emotions and spirit. This total integration helps to create a person who is free from inner conflict and who can deal with the outside world in a mature intelligent, forthright and virtuous manner.

Besides the Soo Bahk Do Association's excellence in Korea, there were various types of other Martial Arts called Kong So or Tae Soo. In 1965 all of these various systems were finally unified into one organization called the Korean Tae Kwon Do Association and the Art was called Tae Kwon Do uniformly.

As a Korean national sport, Tae Kwon Do initiated a new era and Instructors were dispatched throughout the world and international tournaments were held. In those days Tang Soo Do and Tae Kwon Do were divided principally with Tang Soo Do striving remain as a traditional Martial Art while Tae Kwon Do held its world in games and sports.

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