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Master Reece Kenney is a 4th Dan Black belt that has been training in Tang Soo Do and other martial arts for 15 years. After falling in love with all things martial arts related at a young age, Reece went on to be very successful achieving British, European and World titles.

Reece has trained in many different parts of the world and also trained alongside students and masters from a huge variety of countries. Reece's 4th Dan grading was even attended by masters all the way from Canada, one of which was 8th Dan Grandmaster Rudy Timmerman.

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About Us

Founded by Master Jag Basra. Champion Tang Soo Do has estabilished itself as one of the greatest Tang Soo Do clubs out there.

You Will:
  • Learn Discipline
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  • Learn Self-Defence
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  • Get Fit
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